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2008 Event Calendar

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Jan 11th- Game Day. Let's start out the year having a blast! Come join us for warm drinks,
laughter, and a little bit of competition as we play.

Feb 8th- Computer Saavy. A computer workshop to help us get more out of those machines we
can't get away from...the computer!

Mar 14th- Simply Feminine. A special speaker will come and answer those questions about being
in a woman's body that you were too afraid to ask anyone.

Apr 11th- Predatory awareness. Learn how predators groom our children, and how to keep them

May 9th- How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk. Learn some great parenting

June 14th- SATURDAY Oaks Park Trip. We are off to Oaks Park for rides and a bbq picnic.
Families are all invited (yes the guys too!) Must sign up (by June 10th) for this one so
that we have enough transportation. Time for this trip is 10am-3pm.

July 11th- Fire and Police Safety Tips. We will hear from the pros on how to make our homes

Aug 8th- Game Day. Round two for all you competitive souls!!

Sept 12th- Shopping Frenzy. Get tips on ways to save a ton of money on clothes and household
items from a professional shopper.

Oct 12th- SUNDAY Pumpkin Patch Trip. This is a family day trip to Sauvies Island Pumpkin
Patch where we will do a corn maze, hayride, get a pumpkin, see the critters in the barn,
and have a great lunch. You must sign up (by the 8th) for this trip in order to ensure
enough transportation. Yes, the guys are invited!

Nov 14th- Christmas Decorations. We will make some fun decorations to deck our home with.

Dec 12th- Christmas Party. We will have eggnog, white elephant exchange, games, music, and

You can send e-mail to ladiesofthevalley@fruitvalley.org if you would like more information.